Video tutorials ProjectWork

The video tutorials are an easy way to see ProjectWork in action and understand its operation. See the manual for all details.

ProjectWork basics

Start dia show
  • Layout of panels
  • Dashboard in project panel
  • Project menu
  • Link tasks
  • Assign resources

Navigation [2:23]

How to navigate and edit the panels.

  1. Change project title
  2. Add tasks in Tasks panel
  3. Add resources
  4. View tasks and resource assignments
  5. Add task duration and view Gantt panel
  6. Use Tasks menu to chain tasks
  7. Use context menu to delete task
  8. Use Tasks menu to undo task deletion
  9. View Capacity panel for resource allocation

Layout [3:48]

How to change the layout and view of the panels.

  1. Change panel width
  2. Hide columns
  3. Change column order
  4. Add new column to Tasks panel
  5. Collapse/expand tasks
  6. Show/hide project summary
  7. Show/hide critical path
  8. Show/hide progress
  9. Shift Gantt timescale
  10. Change Gantt period

Work Breakdown Structure [2:06]

This tutorial shows you how to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and what you can do with it.

  • Create summary task and add subtasks
  • Examine WBS code and level
  • Increase / decrease indent
  • Collapse / expand

Time schedule and Gantt chart [5:13]

This tutorial shows you how to create a time schedule and how you can view it in a Gantt chart.

  • Give the project a start date
  • Give a task a duration
  • Link tasks
  • Give a task a start date
  • View and change the Gantt chart timescale

Resources and Costs [6:13]

This tutorial shows you how to add resources to a project and calculate costs from it.

  • Add resources to a task
  • Give a resource a rate and accumulate costs
  • Add resources with Task Properties dialog
  • Calculate costs with different resource types

Add Columns [3:13]

This tutorial shows you how to modify and add columns.

  • Adjust column width
  • Hide columns
  • Change column order
  • Add extra columns of different type