Frequent questions about ProjectWork

How can I convert a Microsoft Project file to an ProjectWork file?

This is done by means of a .xml file. Save your Microsoft Project schedule as XML.

Import the .xml file in ProjectWork at menu Project > Upload > Microsoft Project XML import.

After the import you can see the schedule in ProjectWork and work from there with auto-save in Google Drive.

Can I print the schedule?

For a paper print you can print the schedule via the browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox have the option to fit it to a page by setting a percentage. The Google Chrome browser can print the schedule to a .pdf file which can be sent by email and printed later.

Printing on a limited size needs a compromise between details and readability. In ProjectWork you can collapse summary tasks, hide columns and change the timescale of the Gantt chart before printing to fit the schedule readable on a page.

How do I remove ProjectWork from my Google Drive?

You can remove ProjectWork from your Google Drive by selecting Manage Apps from the Google Drive settings at the right top of Google Drive window. Also see Google Help.

Find ProjectWork and select Disconnect from Drive.

How can a manager buy a license for a team member?

The team member orders the license period in ProjectWork to make sure the right account is ordered. With a right mouse click on the PayPal Buy Now button the team member copies the link and sends it to the manager to click and pay.

The team member should not click the button and not open the PayPal tab, this will give a different link. The link sent to the manager contains all information to process the order correctly, do not change it.