IT Services

Google Cloud technology partner

As a Google Cloud technology partner, Forscale can create products that complement, enhance or extend the reach or functionality of Google for Work products. This goes beyond selling and supporting the Google for Work products themselves.

This partnership provides us with a range of technical, go-to-market, and support benefits. This results in a better solution for you to cover your business IT needs built around Google for Work apps.

Consultancy for a business solution

Forscale can help you with the design of a business IT solution. This can be for instance the portal for one extensive project or for several concurrent projects.

Before using a business solution it can be needed to train the users first or to develop a manual or training course.

During the use of a business solution it may be necessary to solve occurring problems according to a support agreement.

Custom software

Custom software allows for integration of different Google Apps to for example enrich information into a dedicated report or to transfer information for an automated work flow. This type of functionality is possible with Google Apps Script and Google App Engine. The choice and amount of work depends on the required functionality.

Custom software can also be of service to integrate ProjectWork or ProjectSheet with your own workflow.

Custom software is not restricted to the above given examples. You can contact Forscale to discuss your question.

Customer cases

Forscale has delivered custom solutions to the following customers.


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