Connect ProjectWork to your business with Google Apps Script

As project manager or Project Management Office you have your own requirements for the project management workflow and processes related to your business and organization. ProjectWork is the professional project scheduling webapp from Forscale that covers a great deal of these requirements. The remaining requirements can be supplied by various Google Apps which are connected by Google Apps Script.

Both ProjectWork and Google Apps Script use Google Drive. ProjectWork stores its schedules in Google Drive. Google Apps Scripts can query and read these files to further combine and/or process them with one or more Apps, like Document, Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Maps or non-Google services.

Progress Report

This example of a script creates a progress report from a ProjectWork schedule file. The report is a Google Document also stored in Google Drive. The webapp will first make a list of all your ProjectWork schedules. From this list you can make a report for each selected schedule which will appear as a link.

Custom script

Forscale supplies generic scripts like the progress report for free. Custom scripts can be delivered on demand. Please contact information for a proposal and a quote based on your requirements.