Booking online with Google Calendar


Hotels van Oranje (hotels of orange) is a diversified company consisting of several hotels, restaurants, leisure and conference facilities located on the Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard of Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. In 30 years it is built a leading company where world leaders and large companies reside, meet and dine, as during the Nuclear Summit in 2014.

The 5 restaurants that are part of this company are all located around the hotels and convention facilities and attract besides hotel and conference guests a wide general audience. This is especially true for Beach Club O. located on the nearby beach, but also for the specialty restaurant DUTCH!.

Online marketing

Customers of the restaurants arrive mainly spontaneously or after a reservation by telephone. Online reservation was possible but it went through a form without immediate feedback on availability. Online marketing through the website, newsletters, online ads and social media, wants to promote online booking without the risk of overbooking and disappointed customers.

The solution Hotels van Oranje envisioned for its online reservations at their restaurants was linking all bookings, both through direct contact and online to a single view, so that no overbooking is possible. Conditions for this solution are low price, clear presentation on multiple types of devices and completely under its own management, so no visibility to an external marketing party.

Google Calendar

Hotels van Oranje already had experience with Forscale for successful online marketing solutions and asked them if there is a possibility to base a reservation solution on Google Calendar, which will keep costs low. Forscale has developed a solution with Google Calendar as a central database. When booking online, the customer selects a still available time and enters with how many people to come. The web app finds out if there is space and handles the reservation with a confirmation email and an opportunity to receive a newsletter.

Restaurant DUTCH! is an example where this solution is in use. They can see the online reservations that are in Google Calendar on a tablet in a customized view, where they can also enter reservations themselves. After the first test the Web app is customized for the way the available tables and chairs will be entered into the system. The solution works properly. Due to the ease of use the application's acceptance among employees went well and booking online integrated into business operations.

A major benefit of Google Calendar as a database is that all reservations appear in multiple views and can be further analyzed using standard search. This agenda can easily be shared individually with everyone in the company who is interested in this.

Hotels van Oranje
June 2015