ProjectSheet Pro per domain

The Pro features add functionality to ProjectSheet.

Multiple accounts in company domain

For convenience the Pro license for ProjectSheet can be purchased for multiple G Suite (Google Apps) users in the same company domain (like '') at once. The license is valid for an unlimited time. An activated license for a Google account cannot be freed anymore or transfered to another account later.

Order and activate

Purchasing per domain can be done for 1-20 users each time with the order form below. Users inside the domain can activate a Pro license in ProjectSheet with Pro in the add-on, as long as an unused license is available. If no license is available anymore, you can order more licenses below.


The administrator will receive an e-mail per user activation in his domain with an overview of all activations and the number of free accounts. The administrator can, like all users, activate Pro in the ProjectSheet sidebar.

Order form

* = mandatory