Project Management Platform

Project management is more than making a schedule, it comprises all communication between and information for project members, customers and users during the project. Each project has its own requirements for its workflow, for example using a online dashboard or portal for an overview of various projects, possibly coordinated by a Project Management Office.

Forscale has developed the Project Management Platform consisting of standard software and custom software to meet these needs. The standard scheduling software from Forscale is integrated with one or more apps from Google by means of a custom Google Apps Script.

  • Standard software means the software is readily available, covering a portion of the needs.
  • Custom software is software designed and developed specially for a complex set of customer requirements.
Standard softwareCustom software
immediately availableavailable after development time
not all wishes are realizedall wishes are exactly realized
low cost per universal featurecostly per unique feature
per month per userpaid once

The Project Management Platform consists of:

  • ProjectWork, Forscale's standard software for project management. It is a web application that allows users to share schedules. With a license you can edit a schedule, with the free viewer you can view the shared result real-time. You can also publish a schedule.
  • G Suite (Google Apps), the standard online productivity software by Google. Examples of Google Apps are Drive, Gmail, Docs, Maps, Calendar, Contacts, etc.
  • Google Apps Script allows customization by integrating different Google Apps into the workflow of your projects and business and linking it to ProjectWork. An example of an Apps Script is a progress report of a ProjectWork schedule that uses Google Docs to present graphs and tables.

The project management solutions based on the Project Management Platform are on balance cheaper and better tailored than comprehensive standard software solutions, see example calculation below for 4 users:

prices excl. VATcomprehensive standard softwareProject Management Platform
wishes+/- 80% realized100% integrated
standard+/- € 25 per month per user 
ProjectWork € 60 per year per user
Google Apps for Work € 40 per year per user
custom integration € 500 per Google App integration
1st year for 4 users€ 1.200€ 900
2nd year for 4 users€ 1.200€ 400

Contact Forscale with your project management wishes and ask for a quotation.