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Planning board

Google Calendar is useful for making online appointments, but does not have the view of a planning board that is needed for clearly displaying rented boats, apartments, etc. and creating and maintaining work schedules and rosters for example.

PlanBoard is a Google Spreadsheet add-on that places appointments from one or more Google calendars into a bar chart from a chosen starting date or running with today's date.

The free version shows the appointments from the primary calendar associated with a Google account. The events are placed from start to end date next to each other in a bar. The calendar can be expanded to see the separate events when they overlap.

The upgrade version shows all your calendars and the calendars shared with you in a self chosen selection and order. Each planned entitiy can thus come with its own calendar at the desired location on the screen. This is not possible with the Google Calendar view where the order always changes.

Install the add-on via Google in a spreadsheet:

Install PlanBoard by clicking +FREE

The upgrade you can try 10 days for free and buy with PayPal in the PlanBoard add-on itself: menu Add-ons > PlanBoard > Upgrade...


Calendar list

This spreadsheet worksheet lists all the calendars your account has access to.

  1. Primary calendar - the calendar that comes with your account by default
  2. Added calendar(s) - a calendar that you create yourself and use for a certain purpose
  3. Shared calendar(s) - a calendar that someone shares with you

If you do not have an upgrade trial or license active, then only your primary calendar is active. With an upgrade trial or license, the other calendars, if you have them, can also be selected. You can adjust the order of the calendars by moving the complete row.


In this spreadsheet worksheet the calendars are shown that have visible 'yes' in the Calendar list and in the order that the calendars are in the Calendar list.

Per calendar the kind of events are shown that are selected in the corresponding column in the Calendar list. This can be events that last all day or start on a specific time or both kinds (default setting).

The start time of the planning board can be set via the sidebar. The sidebar opens with menu Add-ons > PlanBoard > Open sidebar.


The planning board must be refreshed regularly to process changes in the calendar(s). This can be done maually with menu Add-ons > PlanBoard > Refresh planbord. When the sidebar is opened, the planning board is refreshed automatically every 5 minutes.