IT for Project Management

Forscale delivers IT cloud solutions for project management which are integrated with Google Apps, like Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Maps. Cloud solutions match the dynamic needs of project organizations. Sharing the right information with the right people is vital and easy to accomplish with Google Apps. Forscale delivers both off-the-shelf planning software products as well as custom software services for your projects.

Project management

Information technology

Forscale solutions

Project management comprises the planning, control and improvement of a broad range of activities, like:

  • Research and development of new products and processes
  • Design and installation of new systems
  • Construction of buildings and roads
  • Planning and execution of events
  • Maintenance of equipment and systems
  • Implementation of new processes

To manage all projects and activities an information system is needed for all stakeholders. This system must fulfill following conditions:

  • Support all processes like communication, planning, documenting, reporting
  • Support for all phases, from concept to delivery
  • Online collaboration and access to all information
  • As a G Suite (Google Apps) technology partner Forscale delivers custom software on demand based on Google Apps

The IT products from Forscale for project management are:

  • Integrated with Google Apps online productivity software
  • Designed with knowledge of project management
  • Web apps with critical path algorithm, breakdown structure and Gantt chart
  • Central cloud solution is a Project Portal with dashboard