Frequent questions about ProjectSheet

Can the project time be more than 10 weeks?

Short answer: yes, but do not change the Gantt-chart itself, but use the settings in the sidebar.

Project schedule and Gantt chart are independent: the table contains the start and finish dates per task and the Gantt chart shows the tasks as a bar in the time period you like. Default the Gantt chart starts today and shows 10 weeks of the project schedule. The project schedule may fall outside the Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart timescale consists of 10 periods. By increasing the weeks per period the total time span increases. At the same time the resolution decreases from 1 day to multiple days per spreadsheet cell.

In the sidebar under Gantt settings the start date of the timescale and the weeks per period can be set to have the Gantt chart show the entire project or just the range of weeks you like. At the top of the 'Weeks per period' drop down list you can use 'Autofit' to capture the entire project period in the Gantt chart.

How can I show the sidebar again after I closed it?

You can re-open the sidebar by going to menu Add-ons > ProjectSheet > Open sidebar.

Why can I not re-open the sidebar and only start a new project?

This typically happens if the spreadsheet layout has been modified and is not recognized anymore by the ProjectSheet add-on.

Please check the do's and dont's of customizing a ProjectSheet spreadsheet.

How can I use a template to repeatedly start a new schedule?

Make a schedule with ProjectSheet to be used as template spreadsheet.
Start a new schedule by copying this spreadsheet with menu File > Make a copy...
In this copy go to menu Add-ons > ProjectSheet > Add ProjectSheet
The copy can now be used further for a new schedule.

How can I add ProjectSheet into an existing spreadsheet?

Adding ProjectSheet into an existing spreadsheet is prevented and you will be asked to make a new spreadsheet. When you do this you can copy the ProjectSheet worksheet(s) from the new spreadsheet into the existing spreadsheet. You can now use the ProjectSheet add-on in the existing spreadsheet.
A worksheet can be copied to another spreadsheet from the menu at the tab of the worksheet.

How to remove 'task schedule' and 'resource' tab from my spreadsheet? They add automatic again when I reopen!

ProjectSheet (re)builds the tabs when they are not present. You can prevent this by disabling ProjectSheet for this spreadsheet. To do this you go to menu Add-ons > Manage add-ons... Select MANAGE at ProjectSheet and un-select 'Use in this document'. Also see Google Help.
After you did this you can delete the tabs without rebuild.

Is it possible to color each resource its own color and then color the Gantt bar with that resource's color?

A task can have more than one resource assigned, which makes it hard to choose the color.

What you can do is give each Gantt bar a color of your own choice. This is possible by giving the task description cell a background color, which is copied by ProjectSheet into the bar after you press the refresh button at the bottom of the sidebar.

You can also use Google Sheet conditional formatting for coloring resource cells at each task.

How do I activate the Pro license after payment?

By clicking in the sidebar of ProjectSheet on Pro. After activation 'Pro' will be added to the title of the sidebar.

Clicking on Pro again after activation will give the end date of the license period.

How can a manager buy a license for a team member?

The team member orders the license in ProjectSheet to make sure the right account is ordered. With a right mouse click on the PayPal Buy Now button the team member copies the link and sends it to the manager to click and pay.

The team member should not click the button and not open the PayPal tab, this will give a different link. The link sent to the manager contains all information to process the order correctly, do not change it.